Master students


Yi-Hsuan Wu (2017/8 ~)

Happiness is eating and sleeping.
Nothing is more important than health.

Baseball is the most fascinating.
League of Legends has the greatest influence.

Fully curiosity, poor endurance.

Always bubble tea.

Now, a beginner of programming.



Sheng-Tang Wong (2017/4 ~)

Hey, this is Issac graduated from NCKU majoring in business administration.
I am not really into running a business or making money.
That’s the reason why I’m here.

I wanna create something valuable or things last forever.




Chun-Hao Chen (2017/4 ~)

I graduated from Sun Yat-sen University Department of Electrical Engineering.

Everybody calls me Simpson.I have a passion for sports, especially good at baseball, softball, tennis, billard. Even my childhood wish is to become an athlete. Also, I like the strange things, like to do a lot of cool things.




Huan-Wei Kang (2017/7 ~)

My english name is hewill, and I graduated from NTHU Department of CS,
I am a professional guitar player BTW.





Nathalie Hsieh (2018/4 ~)

Hi, there! I’m Nathalie. This is my fifth year in NCTU. (4y for bachelor’s degree)

I strongly believe that maintaining a healthier lifestyle is a shortcut to your goal.
So, please think positive, eat healthy and NEVER give up on yourself!




Ting-Hsuan Wang (2018/1 ~)

Hi, My name is Phoebe Wang.
I graduated from National Central University of Information Management.
I’ve wanted to be an engineer since I was in senior high school.
So that’s why I’m here. 🙂




Chang Hsun Kai (2018/4 ~)

I’m Kevin. I graduated from National Changhua University of Education and my major was Computer Science.
For a healthier life, I occasionally go jogging.




Yu-Xuan Wang (2018/5 ~ )

Hi! I’m Samuel, came from Department of Computer Science in Yuan-Ze University.
My interest is sleeping, napping, and staring blankly.
Such a lazy person! Yeah, I know.
But now is time to focus on my major, and try to do my best!
I hope so … TAT




Ze-Yu Wang (2018/7 ~)

Hi! This is Jerry.
I graduated from NCTU Department of Computer Science.
I enjoy listening to music and doing exercise in my leisure time.
It seems to me that happiness is the most importing thing in life,
so I am trying to be an optimistic and cheerful person.




Jing-Hui Yang (2019/2 ~)

I’m Chloe.I graduated from National Changhua University of Education.
I hope that I can live happily every day, no matter what happens.





Pin-Xiang Huang (2019/7 ~)

Hi! I’m Sean. I graduated from NCKU CSIE.
I’m interest in playing volleyball, watching movie and listening to rap music.
Keep working hard, and you will find that life is fantastic!





Yu-Cheng Lo (2019/2 ~)

This is Wenny graduated from NCTU EECS.
I’m a huge fan of metal musics, especially the 80’s.
So, feel free to visit me if you want some discussions about metals.
Or simply bring your guitar here : )





Kai-Jyun Zhuang (Jimmy) (2019/7 ~)
okay. It’s my freestyle time.
I enter NCTU to strengthen my skill.
To become better and better I know that I will.
Just Graduated from NCCUCS.
I’m confident of myself although I’m not the best.
I don’t have too much verse inside my brain.
But for the moment, I’m going to complete this rap.
If you ask me, what’s the belief of my life.
That would be, Work hard and play hard until I die.



Zhen-Qi Lu (2019/7 ~)
I’m Xman and I graduated from CCU CSIE.

I’m a expert in the field of programming contest.
I often keep an optimistic attitude to face my life.


Research Assistant


Isaac,Yu (2017 / 7 ~ )

I was a backpacker in Australia and travelled on Porth, Melbourne, Sydney, QSL, New-Zealand, HK, Philippines, Singapore.

Welcome to R704, if you want know about AU’s life.






NCTU birdy king  (交大神鵰) (2012/7 ~)

I fell off the tree and was wounded when I was three-month-old.

Ralf saved my life, so I’ve decided to follow him wherever he may go.




ALEX (2015/9 ~)