Jui-Cheng Weng (2012/9 ~ 2014/8)

I graduated from Chang Gung University. My major is information management. Now I am advised by Dr. Jui-Hung Hung on my research in Bioinformatics. In my leisure time, I’m interested in playing badminton and watching baseball games. I enjoy studying and researching at this stage, and I wish to make my dream come true by contributing everything I learn.




Min-Te Chou (2013/2 ~ 2015/2)

I graduated from Department of Biological Science and Technology, China Medical University. Now I am studying in the Institute of Bioinformatics.I  love to know the latest technology, write some programs, and do some no-sweat sports, like swimming.





Yun-Lung Li 
(2013/2 ~ 2015/2)

Obtained bachelor degree in E.E. from National Central University, then hired as a patent engineer in an intellectual property law firm for the next 6 years. Enjoy leisure time as an amateur photographer and hold a joint exhibition in Taiwan International Visual Art Center (TIVAC) in 2011.







Chin-Wen Tseng (2013/2 ~ 2015/2)

I graduated from Department of Electrical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University. Now I am a MS student of the Institute of Bioinformatics, National Chiao Tung University . I think coding is fun! I hope to enhance my ability during my MS student life.






Joye Li
 (2013/7 ~ 2015/8)

I graduated from Tzu Chi University and my major was Molecular Biology and Human Genetics. I am now a graduate student at National Chiao Tung University. My major is Bioinformatics and Systems Biology and advised by Dr.Jui-Hung Hung. I am interested in programming to solve molecular biology problem. I am also interested in photography, especially taking landscape photo.






Chiung-Po Hsiao (2014/9 ~2016/8)

I graduated from NCUE in department of Physics.

I am very pleased to join the lab, and I expect that I will help the lab and learn a lot of knowledge.







Ching-Chun Tai (2014/9 ~2016/8)

I graduated from Department of Life Science, Chinese Culture University. I expect myself to learn programing in my MS life, but I don’t want to leave the fild of biology. As a result, I join this lab to learn Bioinfomatics, which I can take care the both site.
I wish I can work hard and gain a lot.







Chia-Hua Chang (2014/9 ~ 2016/8)

I am the bone of my code.
Function is my body, and variable is my blood.
Have created over a thousand bugs.
Unknown to Sleep. Nor known to Rest.
Have withstood pain to create many issues.
Yet, those src will never build anything.
So as I pray,unlimited bug works.



Chin Yang (2015/5 ~ 2018/2)

I graduated from Department of Applied Science, National Hsinchu University of Education. I am a graduate student at National Chiao Tung University and my major is Biological Science and Technology now. I am pleasure to join the lab.





Wen-Fu Hsieh(2015/8 ~ 2017/12)

I graduated from Department of Physics,CYCU.Favorite sports is table tennis .

Because I’m a newbie in the field of bioinformatics, still trying hard to keep up with others. I am pleasure to be here, learning programming which can make my brain smarter and more logical. I will do my best for everything.







Hsien-Cheng Wu ( 2016 / 9~2017 / 6 )

I am Sam. I graduated from YZU in department of graduate school of biotechnology and bioengineering. I am very happy to know everyone.






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Po-Yuan Chen (2015/7 ~ 2017/6)

I’m a undergraduate intern students, now major in Department of Biology Technology at National Chiao Tung University.
Still working hard to learn programing and Molecule Biology.






14961413_1311229232222609_1962974080_nPo-Chin Chiou ( 2016/9 ~ 2017/6)

I’m a undergraduate student of Department of Biology Technology at National Chiao Tung University. Keep working hard to enhance my bioinformatics and programing abilities. Learn new things as much as I can.








Sheng-Tang Wong (2017/4 ~)

Hey, this is Issac graduated from NCKU majoring in business administration.
I am not really into running a business or making money.
That’s the reason why I’m here.

I wanna create something valuable or things last forever.




Chun-Hao Chen (2017/4 ~)

I graduated from Sun Yat-sen University Department of Electrical Engineering.

Everybody calls me Simpson.I have a passion for sports, especially good at baseball, softball, tennis, billard. Even my childhood wish is to become an athlete. Also, I like the strange things, like to do a lot of cool things.




Huan-Wei Kang (2017/7 ~)

My english name is hewill, and I graduated from NTHU Department of CS,
I am a professional guitar player BTW.





Yu-Xuan Wang (2018/5 ~ 2020/9)

Hi! I’m Samuel, came from Department of Computer Science in Yuan-Ze University.
My interest is sleeping, napping, and staring blankly.
Such a lazy person! Yeah, I know.
But now is time to focus on my major, and try to do my best!
I hope so … TAT




Nathalie Hsieh (2018/4 ~ 2020/11)

Hi, there! I’m Nathalie.

I strongly believe that maintaining a healthier lifestyle is a shortcut to your goal.
So, please think positive, eat healthy and NEVER give up on yourself!



Ting-Hsuan Wang (2018/1 ~2021/4)

Hi, My name is Phoebe Wang.
I graduated from National Central University of Information Management.
I’ve wanted to be an engineer since I was in senior high school.
So that’s why I’m here. 🙂



Jing-Hui Yang (2019/2 ~ 2021/8)

I’m Chloe.I graduated from National Changhua University of Education.
I hope that I can live happily every day, no matter what happens.





Chang Hsun Kai (2018/4 ~ 2021/9)

I’m Kevin. I graduated from National Changhua University of Education and my major was Computer Science.
For a healthier life, I occasionally go jogging.




Yu-Cheng Lo (2019/1 ~ 2021/8)

This is Wenny graduated from NCTU EECS.
I’m a huge fan of metal music, especially the 80’s.
So, feel free to visit me if you want some discussions about metals.
Or simply bring your guitar here : )




Pin-Xiang Huang (2019/7 ~)

Hi! I’m Sean. I graduated from NCKU CSIE.
I’m interest in playing volleyball, watching movie and listening to rap music.
Keep working hard, and you will find that life is fantastic!





Kai-Jyun Zhuang (Jimmy) (2019/7 ~)
okay. It’s my freestyle time.
I enter NCTU to strengthen my skill.
To become better and better I know that I will.
Just Graduated from NCCUCS.
I’m confident of myself although I’m not the best.
I don’t have too much verse inside my brain.
But for the moment, I’m going to complete this rap.
If you ask me, what’s the belief of my life.
That would be, Work hard and play hard until I die.



Ching-Chih Tu (2020/9 ~ 2022/10)

Hi, this is Eric. I’m graduated from NTHU DSPMT.

I have a wide range of interests. Playing chess and video game, listening music are all my hobbies. Also, I’m a filmaholic, especially black comedy.

Instead of being a specialist, become a generalist and experience a diverse life are my goal.


DaDa Chen (2020/3 ~ 2022/11)

This is Dada graduated from NCTU CS.

Some said I spend 84 hours per week working and studying hard in the lab.

Well, no comment.

Don’t Worry Be Happy ~




Po-Wei Hsieh (2020/7~2023/2)

Hi, I’m William. I graduated from CCU CSIE.
I like cycling and playing Rubik’s Cube.




Yu-Chun Lin (2020/7~2023/8)

Hello my name is Johnson, you can call me Jungle.

I graduated from NCHU and majored in computer science.
Although I’m not really good at coding, I’m trying my best to catch up with my respectable fellows~




Research Assistant

Isaac,Yu (2017 / 7 ~ )

I was a backpacker in Australia and travelled on Porth, Melbourne, Sydney, QSL, New-Zealand, HK, Philippines, Singapore.

Welcome to R704, if you want know about AU’s life.